The aftercare of your tattoo is absolutely imperative to its future with you.   We can put a stunning piece of artwork on you but the care that it needs to maintain its lifelong appearance is entirely up to you.  We cannot express how important it is that you look after it to ensure you do not jeopardise your art worked skin in any way.  To ensure the best healing process we commissioned a Professional and highly qualified Aromatherapist to create an exclusive blend to focus on the exact tattoo healing requirements. These healing products are specific to be skin cell regenerating and restorative. Our products are 100% pure and their properties include essential oils that comprise the following medicinal properties:


Anti-inflammatory (lessens inflammation)

Analgesic (Pain relieving)

Antiseptic (Controls infection)

Antibiotic (Inactivates bacteria)

Cytophylactic (Promotes skin cell regeneration)

Detoxicant (Neutralises toxic substances)

Emollient (Soothes & softens the skin)

Vulnerary (Prevents tissue degeneration and arrests bleeding in wounds. Maintains normal skin health)

Vitamin A&B (Promotes skin healing and reduces scarring)



You should be given an aftercare instruction by your tattooist or our takeaway ‘aftercare’ card (If not please request one).  Please follow the instructions precisely to avoid any decimation of your new tattoo.


It is of the utmost importance that you DO NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight, ESPECIALLY if covered with healing oil or cream.  All oils are phototoxic  (makes the skin unusually sensitive to light and subject to severe damage by light, e.g. by sunburn) this is very harmful to your skin and exposing it can destroy your tattoo.


CAUTION: May contain very slight nut trace, as the oil version is blended in a Sweet Almond base.



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