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The aftercare of your tattoo is absolutely imperative to its future with you.   We can put a stunning piece of artwork on you but the care that it needs to maintain its lifelong appearance is entirely up to you.  We cannot express how important it is that you look after it to ensure you do not jeopardise your art worked skin in any way.  To ensure the best healing process we commissioned a Professional and advanced qualified Aromatherapist to create an exclusive blend to focus on the exact tattoo healing requirements. These healing products are specific to be skin cell regenerating and restorative. Tattoo Shed Aftercare Cream & Oils Our products are 100% pure and their properties include essential oils that comprise the following medicinal properties:


Anti-inflammatory (lessens inflammation)

Analgesic (Pain relieving)

Antiseptic (Controls infection)

Antibiotic (Inactivates bacteria)

Cytophylactic (Promotes skin cell regeneration)

Detoxicant (Neutralises toxic substances)

Emollient (Soothes & softens the skin)

Vulnerary (Prevents tissue degeneration and arrests bleeding in wounds. Maintains normal skin health)

Vitamin A&B (Promotes skin healing and reduces scarring)


You should be given an aftercare instruction by your tattooist or our takeaway ‘aftercare’ card (If not please request one).  Please follow the instructions precisely to avoid any decimation of your new tattoo.


It is of the utmost importance that you DO NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight, ESPECIALLY if covered with healing oil or cream.  All oils are phototoxic  (makes the skin unusually sensitive to light and subject to severe damage by light, e.g. by sunburn) this is very harmful to your skin and exposing it can destroy your tattoo.


CAUTION: May contain very slight nut trace, as the oil version is blended in a Sweet Almond base.



Listen to your Artist

The best way to properly care for you new artwork is to listen to your tattoo artist and follow the directions that they have given you on their instruction sheet.  You might get lots of advice from family members, friends and co-workers but it’s your tattoo artist’s instructions that matter the most.  While the internet is full of advice it can vary greatly and what might be okay for one individual may not be the same for you. Your tattoo artist knows your tattoo, it’s placement and your own skin condition and so they will know what will work best for you.

Patience is the Key 

Tattoos in general take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. Some sections of your tattoo might heal slower than other parts and that can even be said, for example on a small tattoo on the wrist.   A professional tattoo artist can tell when a tattoo is healed.

The Basics For Healing A Tattoo

When you remove the bandage you must wash it with soap and slightly warm water immediately. Do this when you are at home. Get a fragrance free soap or a soap that is mild and for sensitive skin. Take your time washing your tattoo and remove excess ink and body fluids from the tattoo. Never use wash cloths or sponges. Dry the tattoo by gently patting it with a paper towel or a clean bathroom towel. Let it air dry after that. PLEASE apply aftercare once dried to avoid scabbing and give it the protection and healing required.

Be sure to listen to your aftercare advice and leave with your instruction leaflet, which should be given to you by our piercer.  Through years of experience and experimentation with alternative products, we can assure you that the healing product and procedure for the best and safest results have been by using Prontolind®. You can purchase this from us before leaving £5 per bottle. The ingredients have been used successfully in clinical practice millions of times over, and is safe for dermatological use, it does not demonstrate any cytotoxic, inflammatory, irritating or sensitising properties and can be used over long periods of time. 

Prontolind® Spray

The spray is ready to use, aqueous solution for anti-bacterial cleansing and moistening for fresh and problem piercings. 

Areas of the skin, mucous membranes and jewellery that are hard to reach can be cleansed painlessly by the spray.

The spray provides protection from multi-resistant anti-mycotic pathogens (MRSA) and is tolerated well by diabetics and those suffering from allergies. 

Instructions for use
Apply Prontolind spray 3 - 5 times a day whilst the piercing is healing. 
Make sure the piercings & dermal anchors are moistened with several puffs of the spray from a close distance.

After allowing to take effect for a min any overspray can be removed with a non-woven gauze or lint free cotton bud.
Your jewellery should not be removed from the piercing hole as the spray will reach the piercing hole by itself.

Continue to observe the instructions provided by your Piercer as they know best about your piercing.

Make sure that any new jewellery is checked by your Piercer. 

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