Photo ID required for all ages

preferrably Passport or Licence 



Nipple - Dermal 



Tongue - Surface

All Ear areas - All facial areas - All body above the waist 


Discretionary with parent/guardian - Enquire


Ears - parent/guardian required




Always wash your hands before touching your piercing.

Clean 2-3 times a day around the entry and exit points of the hole.

Remove any body fluids from the jewellery or the area.

For tongue and other oral piercings, gargle 2-3 times a day

with salt water and antibacterial alcohol free mouthwash.

Gargle after smoking & avoid dairy products.

PRONTOLIND is available from us.



A piercing is a fresh wound. It should be kept clean at all times.

If you follow the aftercare it will heal quickly and completely.

If it gets dirty or is not cleaned regularly it may become infected.



Although uncommon, some piercings can migrate (move through the skin).

In extreme cases this can lead to jewellery ‘growing out’ of the body altogether.

Some piercings, (eyebrow, naval, tragus etc) are more prone to migration that others.

It is not dangerous or painful, but it may leave a small scar.



Piercings will swell to some extent, we always allow space on your jewellery to compensate for this.

Occasionally however, a piercing can swell more than usual and be painful.

If your piercing swells more than 2-3 mm , or if there seems to be a possibility that your

jewellery seems too short to accommodate the swelling,

Please contact us so that we can fit longer piece of jewellery to avoid any further complications.

Tongue piercings - a long bar is always used for initial piercing,

you can return approximately after 4 weeks, after the swelling has gone down,

to have a shorter bar fitted. You may find it helpful to suck on ice to reduce the swelling,

making sure you avoid dairy products.



Every 2-3 days you should check the tightness of the threaded balls on your jewellery.

They can become loose from cleaning, rubbing against clothes, skin etc…



Trauma is caused by obvious pulling or catching on anything

less obvious is chaffing on clothes by movement.

This is especially common during sleep on a pillow with ears

Shampoo, Conditioners & hair products need to be cleaned from ear areas

The best advice is to wear loose fitting clothes in the early stages.

Try to avoid waist bands or heavy belts with  naval piercings,


Eyebrow           Helix

Medusa            Anti eyebrow 

Tragus              Forward Helix

Conch               Nose

Snug                 Anti tragus 

Jestrum           Smiley

Frownie            Rook                

Flat                    Tongue web

Bridge              Septum

Tongue            Navel


Cheek (single)

Nipple (Single)

Shen Men (anxiety relief)

Daith (migraine relief)

All single lips areas  

ALL Oral Piercings include a

FREE jewellery downsize


Lobes Pair

Scaffold Industrial

Surface Bar

Dermal Anchor

£ 5 0 

Cheeks pair 


Lips  Pair

Nipples Pair 


If you do not see a particular piercing you are interested in

please contact us on

07925 225122

We have the right to refuse piercing at any time!

You MUST bring ID
you will be asked for it!
Tongues, Nipples
and Dermal Piercings
are strictly 18 and over.

£ 2 0 

Lobes Single